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How does it work?

OFreight® is a user-friendly, innovative and collaborative single and multi-branch freight forwarding software which enables you to manage all aspects of your air, sea, land and multimodal freight forwarding business from sales and operation to accounting and payments while connecting you to all your business stakeholders including customers, vendors, branches and agents through a user-friendly dashboard.

OFreight® provides you with a state-of-the-art branded collaborative customer portal which transforms your company into a Digital Freight Forwarder.

It’s integrated all your internal and external collaborations together with a specially designed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for freight forwarders, manage all sales team activity, Quote requests management system, buying rates and selling rates and contracts, bookings and shipments operation management, task management, rate tables, dynamic operations flow, accounting, invoicing, reports, analytics, business intelligence and many more. 

Collaborate with all your business stakeholders through a user-friendly dashboard

OFreight® Core is the backbone of OFreight® platform, which connects all modules of OFreight® together. It’s a collaborative freight forwarding ERP that provides a specially designed CRM for freight forwarders, Quote requests management system, Shipment and bookings management systems, a dynamic flow operation system, accounting, business intelligence, analytics and many more.

No matter how many branches you have, OFreight® enables all your branches to have OFreight® core independently while connecting all your branches digitally and enabling branches to collaborate together, exchange enquiries, make digital agreements and collaborate over the shipments through the OFreight® platform.

OFreight® provides you with reports and analytics of your branches’ activities independently and cumulatively.

OFreight® is integrated with the Freight Collab platform, the global digital freight collaboration platform. This integration enables you to exchange enquiries, negotiate, make digital agreements and do all your agency collaborations with your agents and members of freight collab from over 80 countries. Integration of Freight Collab and OFreight® enables you to have full visibility over your agency collaborations and sufficiently manage your agency business and agents’ SOA (statements of accounts), highly increasing your agency collaboration efficiency. 

OFreight® portal is your state-of-the-art branded collaborative customer portal. Your customers can connect and collaborate with you through your branded portal. It includes instant quotes, Air, FCL, LCL, FTL, LTL, customs formalities and complex multimodal quote requests, quotations and offers, booking requests, digital agreements, shipping orders and BL instructions, shipment visibility, live tracking, notifications, Invoicing, payments and many more. 

OFreight® customers portal enables you and your customers to communicate and sharing files over enquiries and shipments.

OFreight® customers portal is designed to maximise customers’ engagement with your company, increasing your customers’ lifetime value.

You don’t need to move around the different websites of carriers and shipping lines. OFreight® simply connects you with shipping lines and carriers. it means you can get rates, book, send EDI and do all your collaborations with shipping lines and carriers from you OFreight®.

While OFreight® API is connected to OFreight® Customer Portal and OFreight® Core, you can provide instant quotations and bookings to your customers. Also, any change in shipments’ status is automatically updated in the OFreight® platform, which enables your customers to get their shipments’ latest status NOT through the carrier’s website but through your branded customer portal.

OFreight A.I. is a pivotal part of OFreight software suite, introducing a blend of advanced artificial intelligence capabilities designed to elevate the efficiency and responsiveness of freight forwarders.  OFreight A.I. provides all departments, including sales, operation and accounting, with four main benefits: Optimization Suggestions, Predictive Analytics, Automation, and Conversational A.I.

We are working tirelessly to bring future technology to the freight forwarding, shipping, and transportation industry.

Stay tuned.

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